Social Studies

Social Studies in the preschool years are critical if children are expected to become active, responsible citizens. Daily, we will provide students with the opportunity to explore their culture and community by telling stories, participating in community helper time and making maps. Additionally, students will learn about Arizona’s unique and exciting culture as they explore their community, local museums and enjoy visits from local member of the community and workers.

Fine Arts

It is important for young children to be able to express themselves through painting, drawing, sculpting, tracing and singing. We provide opportunities for your child to express him or herself and develop these skills. All students artwork will be displayed around the classroom. This will help students learn that their works of art are important and to help them develop a sense of pride in their work and to share it with others. Children sing and explore music and instruments throughout the day.

Language Arts

We will provide your child with daily exposure to listening, reading, writing and speaking to assist in his/her development of these skills. Our preschool is a print rich environment with everything labeled to give opportunities for our teachers to help your child connect print with the spoken word. Children will have many opportunities to listen to stories and poems, to express themselves verbally by sharing thoughts and experiences, and to develop emergent writing.

Social Skills

We establish a very caring atmosphere and a secure and safe environment for children to learn. This is the building block for children’s cognitive development and life long learning. It is in Preschool when children begin to understand themselves, form constructive social relationships and relate to their world, which surrounds them.

Our Philosophy


At St. Paul's, we know preschool is most children's first step into the world beyond their family. We will provide a loving, nurturing, safe, and supportive Christian learning environment to help your child reach his or her highest potential.


Understanding that every child is a unique and complex learner, our teachers develop daily lessons and activities in concert with the Arizona State Department of Education Early Learning Standards.  Our curriculum is created with a thorough knowledge of a child's development and learning; the strengths, needs and interests of the children; and the social and cultural contexts in which our children live.

Mission Statement

"St. Paul's mission is to educate children to meet life's challenges, grow spiritually and emotionally to reach their highest academic potential while providing a stimulating and Christian education."


Your child will have many opportunities to explore lots of different scientific concepts as he or she uses natural curiosity to question the living and non-living things around him/her. We will provide simple hands on experiments to help students make predictions about different matter and energy; they will make observations as they record results as they test their theories. Your child will use his or her senses to discriminate differences in materials, scents, textures, and sounds.

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Mathematics is a way of describing the world. Your child will learn how to graph, count, find patterns, classify and problem solve. Every day children are given the opportunity to practice these skills, by counting patterns and numbers on the calendar, counting number of items on their plate at snack time, graphing the number of students who have pets etc. Our teachers encourage children to think through daily problems and therefore help them develop good problem solving skills.


At St. Paul’s we believe that incorporating a Christian Education in Preschool curriculum will help set the foundation that children need to succeed in school and the world beyond. Every morning St. Paul’s will begin the school day with prayer. We help students become familiar with simple Bible Stories, prayers, and hymns. Students will also be taught proper church conduct and practices.

Motor Skills and Physical Activity

It is important to recognize that children’s physical development and their health and safety have as important a place in the curriculum as cognitive development. Children develop higher-order thinking skills necessary for future social and academic success as they play, explore, combine and refine their physical movements. Thoughtfully planned movement experiences with vigorous fun outdoor and indoor activities should be part of the daily schedule.

Classes begin fall of 2018