Classes begin fall of 2018

My experiences in education are as follows: 

  • Over 10 years of Child Care and preschool teaching experiences

  • DES, CPS, and experience with high risk children

  • Substitute teacher K-12

  • Public and Private school teacher 

Rachael Noyalis



Hi! My name is Mrs. Noyalis. I was baptized an Eastern Orthodox Christian at Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church. As such, it made sense to me to open our preschool in Holy Resurrection's Saint Paul Educational Center. 

In high school, I volunteered in a Christian preschool and that is where my love for teaching young children began. I chose a career in education and did not look back. I graduated top of my class from Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Elementary Education. I love every minute I am in the classroom teaching the younger grades-- I could teach all day! I cannot wait for each year to begin, so that I can help each child through his or her exciting journey of learning. 


My experiences in education are as follows:


  • Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education


  • Volunteer at Covenant Christian Preschool

  • Teacher at Covenant Christian Preschool Summer Program 

  • Sunday School Teacher 

  • Swim and USPC horseback riding instructor for young children 

We have moved to 

​1145 E. Fort Lowell Rd.!

Felicia Burgos 



Hello! My name is Ms. Burgos. I grew up in a little boarder town near the Arizona/Mexican boarder. Growing up in a small community gave me a childhood of wonderful memories and many strong values which include family and Christian faith. 

As the result of a fascinating and engaging childhood, I went into the field of education. After high school I continued my dream to become an educated graduate from Cochise Collage with an Associates degree in Early Childhood Education.