Classes begin fall of 2018


12:30     Lunch

  1:00     Nap

  2:00     Painting and Quiet Free Choice

  2:40     Color, Shape, Rhyme, and Pattern Games!

  3:00     Bathroom, Snack

  3:20     Small Groups

  3:50     Story Time

​  4:00     Pick-up, Sign-out       

Please note: everyday, we have centers with carefully planned learning activities that correspond with the weekly theme.  Please ask your teachers for more information on these.

We have moved to 

​1145 E. Fort Lowell Rd.!


  8:30     Arrival, Check-in

  8:45     Attendance, Prayer, Pledge of Allegiance,

               Bible Story, Calendar, and Helpers

  9:30     Art 

10:00     Bathroom, Snack

10:20     Language Arts and Mathematics

10:40     Science and Social Studies


11:00     Recess

11:30     Christian Studies

11:40     Movement, Music

11:50     Story Time

12:00 Pick-up, Sign out